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Professional tortoises breeding
The story begins in 1985 in Arezzo

with Arachide Jones’ arrival, my first tortoise. It was a Testudo marginata just born to family friends who, after so many, persitent requests, had decided to give me that small armored creature. Arachide is now a big male specimen included in one of my Testudo marginata breeding groups. Over the years, I have added many different specimens and breeding groups of other Mediterranean species.
However, the actual surprise was the birth of an albino caramel variant  which was a huge boost to continue this wonderful adventure.
Testudo marginata albino caramello
Testudo hermanni hermanni mutazione isabella ed albina
Unique Color variants
'' Specimens with exceptional features ''

Nature offers us many color variants, which are not always easy to select and reproduce with continuity: certainly, if, on the one hand it takes the right setting and a good dose of luck, on the other a lot of passion along with a sound basic knowledge and infinite patience are surely needed.

Testudoalbino is the first Italian CITES-certified tortoise breeding in Italy

And has positively cooperated with CITES authorities for the definition of existing procedures. Among these, we find the proposal and the feasibility test aimed at  the introduction of the current marking systems by nano microchips. Besides, they have offered their contribution to paternity tests correspondence implementation (up to  that moment made by blood sampling) using throat swab, which not only has sped-up the procedure but made it feasible even by the breeder him/herself, without external aid.


This section is dedicated to specimens available for sale. It is always possible to request special specimens or receive more information by contacting us via telephone or email.

testudoalbino professional breeding of Mediterranean tortoises

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