Testudo marginata albino caramel - Testudoalbino

Testudo marginata albino caramel - Testudoalbino

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Testudo marginata albino caramel
The mutation is found in nature and it is not uncommon to find the albino and heterozygous with a frequency higher than the incidence reported in the literature. Most likely, the light color is not to be seen as disadvantageous, especially in Sardinia. In fact, albinos well camouflage in dry hay.

Testudo marginata albino CARAMEL is an amazing selection with an unique coloring compared to other tortoises, but without the delicacy we usually find in melanin-deficient mutants, because this particular variant is tyrosinase-positive.

This is the uniqueness of the Testudo  marginata albino variant, which  allows these tortoises to grow normally and   reach adulthood when, in turn, they generate superb albinos specimens. The coloring of a young adult maintain the   typical pattern of the species, only in warm and soft caramel tones .

This unique coloring, in many cases shows very bright tones, giving these specimens an exceptionally beautiful aspect. Size and morphological parameters are typical of the Testudo marginata species, as well as the rate (curve) of growth and the attainment of reproductive age. There is no evidence of a higher or lower mortality compared to normal colored animals, as well as incidence of malformations.

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