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This device is currently the best you may wish to finely check and manage the incubation of reptiles’ eggs. It is manufactured, assembled and programmed by our trusted friend Daniel Chocula, an expert snakes breeder. On his website you can find countless variations of the devices aimed at the control of temperature and humidity in terrariums and incubation management. The device that I had customized together with TartaClub Italia CEO, Mr. Agostino Montalti, was donated to Durrel Centre, Madagascar, where it is used with excellent results. The centre is currently trying  to preserve and breed one of the most rare and endangered tortoises in the world, Astrochelys yniphora. The device consists of 4 different daily, completely customizable programs, including 24 temperature and humidity levels. At the beginning of each hour the tool changes temperature and humidity depending on the settings. The four programs allow you to preset patterns that can replicate the different seasons. In the case of tortoises living in tropical environments, which usually feature very long incubation periods and whose development proceeds on the basis of these, this device allows, with a simple selection, to switch from the replication of a dry season to a wet one with extreme accuracy. For this purpose, it is recommended an accurate data collection for each species before setting-up the program. As to the temperature, the instrument is equipped with a practical autocooling feature: by setting a value that the temperature should not exceed, it  is controlled, in turn, in a programmable manner (or continuous, i.e. until the value returns acceptable, or alternating with  on and off cycles to allow for a reliable reading, especially in large sized incubators. This allows a notable water saving and the reduction of the device interventions), the instrument operates a cooling system (to be matched depending on the project). Humidity control is not easy, especially if you are working with large incubators requiring forced ventilation. The instrument, as occurs for temperature control, with the same logic will operate two devices (which should be chosen depending on the project) that will bring the level of relative humidity to the set value and will intervene in case that value is exceeded. The device also features a cycle function, which I use for introducing controlled amounts of external oxygenated air in the incubator. Along with eggs breathing, the enclosed environment reduces the oxygen levels, which therefore need to be kept constant in order to allow a correct embryos’ development, without significantly influencing the control of temperature and humidity or requiring to cut holes or even a door in the incubator walls, unless necessary for eggs inspection.
The device is protected against power surges and failures. In the event of failures, it is activated by turning off the program and maintaining a constant temperature up to our intervention.
It is possible to add GSM function (a SIM card is required) with which the instrument will report any failures by sending sms to our telephone, thus enabling us to promptly intervene if needed.
Probably I will ask my friend Daniel to introduce additional features and enhancements suggested by the instrument use.

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